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Are you ready for the B.A.L. Academy STEAM Olympics!  Which house will dominate!  It's House versus House versus House versus House!


Events include Stack Em Up-Knock Em Down, Cookie Face-off, Hula-hoop Wars, 1-2-3 STEAM Freeze right after Townhall. Water Balloon Parabola, Build-a-pole, Tug-o-War and Ping-pong Relay will take place in the field.  Match-catch-the-Beat and STEAM Spelling Bee will take place in the auditorium.


Cheer Em On will take place all day long.


Parents and family can come, cheer and even substitute for a student.


For months, James Torres wondered and pondered, when he might be King of the Day.  James then began a campaign to redefine his behavior and his character.  He looked what he could do around his school to make a difference including a campaign to stop littering.  He has been curteous , friendly and caring towards his house brothers often dedicating his libations towards their success.  Even when his house does not get recognized as house leader, James is always positive and supportive.

James is joined in being recognized this week along with Ryan Robertson, Paul Andalon, Amare Blankenship and Anthony Sanchez.  Congratulations James!


On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, BAL Academy students joined in the nationwide student walkout to remember the victims of the Parkland shooting in Florida as well as the killings of unarmed black boys and men throughout the country.  Students and supporting teachers walked out to a supervised peaceful townhall demonstration overseen by Principal Moorer.  Students walked out with their signs chanting "protect kids not guns."  Principal Moorer asked boys to walk up on stage to say words of remembrance and support to the victims of gun violence.  Many talked about their compassion for the victims and some even remembered unarmed victims of police shootings.  And some who were shy came up to speak for the first time.

Students protested in a special townhall minute for 17 minutes in remembrance of the17 victims of the Parkland shooting.

Many students came out with signs of dedications and signs of call to action for the end of gun violence and greater gun control.

To end the peaceful protest, our community recited Invictus with fists up as a show of solidarity and support for all victims of gun violence.

To the Florida Parkland victims and families, to the Las Vegas victims and families, to the Sandy Hook Elementary victims and families, to Michael Brown, to Laquan McDonald, to Tamir Rice, to Walter Scott, to Freddie Gray, to Sandra Bland, to Alton Sterling, to Philando Castile and to all other friends, allies and families here and passed, to you we recite Invictus with unity and solidarity.


From the Tyson House, the Baldwin House, the Guevara House, the Ali House and all of BAL Academy, we say, "ashay, ashay, ashay!"


A Rainy Trip to Wakanda


On Saturday, March 10, 19 boys made the trip to Wakanda!  Sponsored by Sheryl Underwood, our boys met with "The Talk" host along with fellow "The Talk" host, rapper Eve.  Even with the rain, our boys enjoyed the screen of the first black superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with popcorn and drink in hand.  Thank you Ms. Underwood and Eve for supporting our boys to meet superheroes and superheroines that look like them.

Trips to Wakanda

February 24, 2017


Through various donors, Ms. Matsui, Mr. Donnell and Mr. Sanchez took the seventh graders and sixth graders on consecutive fieldtrips to view the screening of Black Panthers.  Before going to the movie, the boys enjoyed a lunch at Shakey's pizza parlor.


Wakanda Forever!




Congratulations to 6th Grader, Jodey Figueroa, for being King of the Day.  Jodey has shown tremendous growth in having a R.I.C.H. character.  He has amassed tremendous merits points without any demerits.


Good job Jodey!  We also recognize Jerald Robertson, Diego Mendez-Virgen, Matthew Hardison, Anthony Sanchez and Micah Patterson for your exceptional character this week.


On a special assembly arranged by the BAL Environmental Clubs, the Heal-the-Bay organization was invited topresentabout the importance of keeping our bays clean and healthy.  A presentor from the organization, Mr. David Coles, gave a soecial presentation on his organization and what students can do to help in cleaning our beaches.

Students participated in the discussion on to best create a positive impact on our environment.

To learn more about Heal-the-Bay, go to https://healthebay.org

Thank you to the Environmental Club for inviting Heal-the-Bay and for MCing the Assembly.  Watch the video for Eric Brown's introduction.



On Thursday, February 15, 2018, the BAL Academy was invited to screen the documentary hip-hop film, The Killing of the Fifth Element.


Our boys, in their BAL uniforms, joined other students at the Baldwin Hill Theatre to screening the film.

The film argues about the state of hip-hop today with its beginning as a tool for social justice and social issues of the time. 

After popcorn and the movie, the boys met with the film director, Moe Reed.  Meeting the filmmaker, the boys recited Invictus to show their appreciation.

Although there were other middle schools present, the BAL boys represented our school well.  After the other schools departed, our boys stayed to make sure that we left the theatre as close to cleanliness as possible.


During Ms. Matsui's 7th period, her Creative Expression class engages in relevant and meaningful communities issues.  One of the issues that the 6th grade boys tackled was the #blacklivesmatter movement and its relevance to the Westmont community of South Los Angeles.  In honor of the killing of unarmed Anthony Weber, Ms. Matsui's boys create a poster exhibit to call attention to the matter.  Her boys lament that Anthony could have been their friend and that he could have been Ms. Matsui's student.  As a part of the ongoing discussion on the #blacklivesmatter movement, Ms. Matsui also invited Mr. Terrence McCrea, the author of "What Should We All Do After the Trayvon Martin Trial" as a guest speaker in her class.  For more information on the Anthony Weber case, please see http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-deputy-teen-shooting-20180209-story.html)


Parent, Mr. Brian Davis, assists in helping the boys put up their exhibit.



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