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In observance of Memorial Day, there will be no school on Monday, May 28, 2018.


Have a safe, respectful, responsible and reflective Memorial Day.


The BAL Academy is conducting a survey for a fieldtrip to Washington D.C.  Are you interested?  Fill out the survey.




When you asked his teachers, they will tell you that Wayne has been stepping it up hard!  Wayne has been making great efforts to ensure that his year is finishing off in the best possible way, as king and as a 7th grader in thought and action.


Congratulations Wayne Ricks for being named King of the Day!  Congratulations further to Cedric Marshall, Paul Andalon, Nicolas Primus, Devon Thomas and Jamion Brown for getting the top points for the week.


Congratulations to Tyson House for leading in the House competition.


While the school was busy with the visit with the superintendent, staff members were reflecting and planning for the upcoming school year.  In the morning, Mr. Aquino led the school in a planning session on portfolios, presentation and defense.  Staff members explored the Habits of Mind and Heart, 21st Century Skills and Presentation and Defense models.  Plans were made and dates were tentatively set for students to create 8th grade portfolios in the upcoming school year.

In the afternoon, the staff visited the Young Oak Kim Academy in Koreatown to attend a professional development meeting with the Gurian Institute.  The Gurian Institute specializes in looking at the biological differences in boys and girls and using that knowledge to customize curriculum for boys.


Welcome to the Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Beutner!


For his first day on the job, Superintendent Austin Beutner, went on a district-wide tour of the Los Angeles Unified School District.  On his tour was a visit to the Boys Acdemic Leadership Academy.


During that visit, he was joined by an entourage of district administrative personnel such as Local District West Superintendent, Dr. Hildreth, Administrator of Instruction, Dr. Darnise Williams and Director, Dr. Michelle Woods and supporters including "No Limit" hip-hop artist, Master P.


Superintendent Beutner, Master P and his supporters spent lunchtime with our students and even played a game of football with the boys.  Our boys gave Master P and the superintendent a very good game.



Ending his visit at BAL, the superintendent visited Ms. Matsui's 3rd period Math/Science class.  In the class, Mr. Moorer, Superintendent Beutner and Master P recounted their days as students and how public school can be an uplifting experience towards social mobility.

We thank our boys and our staff for welcoming our new superintendent and his esteemed guests.

Superintendent Beutner addresses the district with a welcome letter of his own and "a commitment to the work, a promise to listen and learn and a desire to provide each student with the best education possible."

Master P shares lunch with the boys.

Ms. Matsui (teacher), Mr. Aquino (counselor) and Mr. Davis (parent) look on as the new superintendent addresses the class.

Superintendent Beutner plays football with our boys.


Join the Music Notes After-School Club

Dates: 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/21. 5/22, 5/30, 5/31

Time: 4:00PM - 5:30PM


Workshops will include approximately 30 students.  Groups of 3-4 students will create house-specific songs during the workshops.  Four students from the whole group will participate in the final workshop.  "RICH" (respect, integrity, courage and humility) school song will be created in the final workshop.


For more information on Music Notes online, please see http://www.musicnotesonline.com


To watch Music Notes Online's work, go to




Congratulations to these students for continuing to be successful as we head towards the end of the school year. Let get to the finish line.


15th Week Academic Success (No Ds, Fs & no more than 2 Us) Perfect Attendance for April (100% attendance with 0 tardies)

Nicolas Primus

Jerald Robertson

Haleni Sitani

Devon Thomas

James Torres

Antwone Usher

Akida Warmsley

Christopher Washington

Nicholas Washington

Charles Williams

Dylan Williams

Jatoby Williams

Jonathan Primus

Cedric Marshall

Jared McClaren

Diego Mendez Virgen

Raphie Mercado

Troy Morales

Tyree Littles

Ajhaunte Hill

Robert Haskin

Amare Blankenship

Grant Brown

Paul Andalon

Jayden Epps

Nathaniel Evans

Robert Fuller

Matthew Hardison

Eric Brown

Grant Brown

Nathaniel Evans

Noah Evans

Jodey Figueroa

Matthew Hardison

Eligah Huston

Kelly Donovan

Tyree Littles

Darion Lucas

Darius Lucas

Cedric Marshall

Caleb Mayers-Stubbs

Diego Mendez Virgen

Raphie Mercado

Troy Morales

Paul Nwakanma

Gilbert Ortiz

Micah Patterson

Jonathan Primus

Jerald Robertson

Jeremiah Smith

Devon Thomas

Patrick Torreblanca

Antwone Usher

Jatoby Williams



On Friday, April 6, 2018, BAL Academy and USC cohosted a STEM Family NIght at the Los Angeles Cleantech Innovation Center downtown.  Students and families enjoyed a night of learning and engagement about green energy, clean technology and future living.


LACI uses a unique blend of industry and in-house best practices that increase the success rate at which clean technology companies effectively get to market.

About the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator:


LACI helps you to deftly navigate the difficult startup and growth years through a formalized support system, deep bench of expert mentors, strong network of investment capital and market resources, and pragmatic education and training.


Rated a Top 10 Global Incubator, LACI supports high-potential teams for 5+ years, throughout the long and often unpredictable path to commercialization, from Genesis, Acceleration, Incubation, Growth, Expansion, including:


Vetting for High Potential – Applicants are subject to a robust initial vetting process that examines technology, team, tactics, investment trends, market drivers, competitive landscape, strategic alignment, and regional economic impact. Accepted companies are then subject to a deeper techno-economic analysis during a 3-month probationary period.


Exceptional Coaching – Seasoned entrepreneurs, domain experts, investors, luminaries, and other stakeholders combine to provide you with unparalleled mentoring and training. From daily one-on-one coaching to distinguished speaker sessions, from foundational intensives to ad hoc problem solving, the unique and impactful blend of help LACI offers is a game-changer for small business executives.

Real Funding Preparation – We prime the fundraising process, providing most of the services an investment bank would, but without the hefty fees. Elements include business planning, intellectual property protection, pre-audit readiness, investor identification, access to industry databases, comps analysis, investment structuring, data room access and formatting, deal doc templates, pitch prep, and investor relationship management.

Access to Networks – One of our core strengths is the powerful and cooperative networks available to you through LACI. Whether you need to tap into talent, investment, grants, research, technology validation and demonstration, pilots and new customers, technical expertise, business resources, or new markets, the networks here are strong and effective.


Market Linking – LACI engages large customers in large markets to define their most pressing cleantech problems. By accurately defining real market needs at the outset, innovator / customer alignment is clearer, solution development is more efficient for both companies and customers, and risk of failure is lowered for entrepreneurs and investors. Pathways include technology validation, pilots, investment, and customers.


Community – The vibrant community at LACI offers you regular industry touchpoints on a local, regional, national and global scale. Elements of the LACI community include partner office hours, peer mentoring, stakeholder events, social mixers, talent identification, internship opportunities, and just the right amount of fun.


Dynamic Space – LACI provides all-inclusive, below-market-rate access to plug-and-play, flexible office, conference and meeting, event and training, assembly and warehouse, and rapid prototyping space. This frees entrepreneurs to focus on their building their business, and provides stimulating opportunities for collaboration and learning among executives from diverse companies.

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