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Career Research: Fall 2018

New Tech, Old Tech: Gaining skills in research through Career Exploration

Fall 2018, Malcolm X House

Beginning in September, 8th Grade students in the Malcolm X for Mr. Aquino's advisory began a 6 week long project researching various careers.  The project aimed at introducing the Navience platform while strengthening research, presentation and innovation skills and answered the essential question of...

"What is a career?"  Through various lesson plans, students learned about what a job is versus what a career is.  They also learned how levels of education can impact potential earnings.

Students began the project by taking interest profiler which asked the students a variety of questions about different fields of interests.  After the survey was completed, students were then paired up with various careers that they could explore and research.  In their research, students used both new technology and old technology to present their findings.

Choosing a Career, students created a Google Slides presentation exploring various aspects of the career from job outlook, average salary, education required and skills needed.

With the google slide, students also created a companion presentation board showcasing the careers they researched utilizing old school skills with good old scissors, glue and markers.