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2018-19 Enrollment

The application period for the 2018-19 school year is now open.  Please download the application and bring completed application to the Boys Academic Leadership Academy.





ENROLLMENT PACKET- All students entering Boys Academic Leadership Academy (BALA) must complete an enrollment packet.

PROOF OF ADDRESS- For verification purposes you will be required to submit one of the following in order to register your student in our school.

  • Utility Bill (gas, water, light bill under parent or guardians name) NO PHONE BILLS
  • Rental Agreement/Mortgage Paperwork
  • Government Mail
  • Bank Statements

PARENT/GUARDIANS IDENTIFICATION- To verify the identity of the parent or guardian please bring Parent or Guardian Identification card such as, drivers license, ID card, passport.

PROOF OF AGE- Students birth certificate, passport, or certificate of baptism.

IMMUNIZATION- You may obtain a copy from the previous school or from your family doctor (Students entering the 7th grade must have proof of Tdap Vaccine).

TRANSCRIPT OF GRADES- It is required that you present a record of classes and grades (last report card) from the previous school the student attended or a copy of the students transcripts in order for the counselor to make the appropriate placement.

IEP OR 504 PLAN- If the student has an IEP or a 504 plan, please provide a copy at the time of enrollment.

Important Note: Please print all information.  Copies of the following documents must be submitted with your application.  Illegible or incomplete applications will not be considered.