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On Friday, January 19, 2018, the BAL Academy looked back at the inaugural Fall 2017 semester.  We looked back at memories of Summer Bridge, events in the Fall semester and celebrated memories of brotherhood.  On to the next level!


Congratulations to Robert Fuller for winning the King of the Day for the week of January 16, 2018.  He is joined by Matthew Hardison, Zaid Rivas, Paul Andalon, and Donald Brown III.  Congratulations boys!

For a complete listing of Kings of the Day, please click here.


What a moment!  The Fall 2017 BAL Academy Awards were held on Friday, January 19, 2018 at the Washington Preparatory High School Theatre.  The day began with introductions and libations from our principal Mr. Moorer.  Mr. Angulo reminded our students of the Big 5 School Rules.  The student body received a quick lesson on what it means to be a good audience member.

The awards began with the Citizenship Honors Awards won by an elite group of 9 students.  This award was awarded to students with a 2.0 and above, no Ds/Fs and received all Es in Cooperation and Work Habits!  For a list of Awardees, please click here!

The awards ceremony then continued with the Bronze Honor Roll for students who received a grade point average of 3.000 to 3.666, no Ds or Fails, and no more than 2 Us in Work Habits and Cooperation.  An impressive group of 30 students received this honor.  For a list of Awardees, please click here!

Next, 15 students received the Silver Honor Roll for students who received a grade point average of 3.667 to 3.999, no Ds or Fails, and no more than 2 Us in Work Habits and Cooperation.  For a list of Awardees, please click here!

Last but not least, an elite group of 7 students received the Golden Honor Roll Award for attaining an impressive 4.000 grade point average (all As in all classes), and no more than 2 Us in Work Habits and Cooperation.  For a list of Awardees, please click here!


We ended off our assembly with our leading House of the Week, King of the Day ceremony and Invictus led by by Robert Fuller. For a listing of Kings of the Day, please click here.


Robert Fuller is a 6th grade middle school honor student at the Boys Academic Leadership Academy.  In the Fall 2017 semester, Robert earned a proud grade point average of 3.857 with 6 As in his courses and all Es in Work Habits and Cooperation.  Robert enjoys building robots, constructing with legos, reading and playing video games with friends in his neighborhood.  Robert's favorite subject is Math and Science.  Although he has not decided which colleges he might want to apply to, Robert wants to become an engineer.


Look out future engineers, here comes Robert!


For more information information on student in the Student Honor Roll, click here.  PRIDE is our schoolwide academic expectation for all students.  PRIDE stands for precision of expression, relevance, innovation, democracy and evidence.


On a cold Friday California day, January 12, 2018, BAL Academy continues with it morning rituals of libations and recitation of Invictus.  Fridays are special for BAL Academy as we recognize the acheivements of amazing young kings.  For the first week of 2018, our top students earning merits and representing their houses with pride are Donald Brown (7th Grade - Neil Degrasse Tyson House), Jerald Robertson (6th Grade - Neil Degrasse Tyson House), Nicholas Washington (7th Grade - James Baldwin House), Anthony Sanchez (7th Grade - James Baldwin House) and Raphie Mercado (6th Grade - Muhammad Ali House).


For his second time, Raphie Mercado won for King of the Day.  Congratulations Raphie for representing the Muhammad Ali House.


Although, the Che Guevara House did not have a top earning student; overall, the Che Guevara House is leading in House points.


For more information on student accolades, click here.


On a rainy California Monday, the BAL Academy kicked off the Spring 2018 semester with an Assembly at the Washington Prep Academy School Theatre. 


Congratulations to the following students for receiving the perfect attendance award for the Fall 2017 semester.

  • Isaiah Duncan
  • Noah Evans
  • Darius Lucas
  • Jeremiah Smith
  • Nicholas Washington
  • Ze'Rion Rivera
  • James Clough
  • Alonzo Kelley
  • Darion Lucas
  • Haleni Sitani
  • Patrick Torreblanca
  • Grant Brown
  • JullenDavis
  • Jerald Robertson
  • Devon Thomas
  • Rommell Hamilton
  • Ashton Harvey
  • Diego Mendez Virgen
  • Nathaniel Evans
  • Robert Haskin
  • Cedric Marshall
  • Gilbert Ortiz

For more information on student accolades, click here.


Mondays at Boys Academic Leadership Academy are STEAM Professional Learning for the adults on campus!

Pictured: BAL teachers complete 6 science experiment stations.


Every Monday is an opportunity for teachers and administrators at BAL Academy to enhance their toolbox of instructional strategies and to gain innovative ideas in presenting scientific information to students.

Pictured:  Principal Moorer, Mr. Donnell, and Mr. Sanchez.


It is always a productive shared experience when Principal Moorer and the BAL teachers have an opportunity to learn together. The faculty was challenged to complete  an engineering problem, then engage in six experiments through interactive scientific stations, and to collect data while problem solving a data analysis question.  Ms. Tserunian, LD West STEAM Coordinator, facilitated the training.

Pictured: Ms. K. Tserunian, LD West STEAM Coordinator


The Vision and Mission of BAL Academy provides the teachers with a framework to integrate Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)/ STEM practices and high level concepts throughout every class subject. 


The school was developed to impact the existing achievement gap for young men of color, who are also underrepresented in STEM/STEAM related fields and careers.  The theme established at BAL will provide boys with a clear pathway to college in the fields of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology.


The essential belief at BAL is that if the achievement gap is addressed, for urban males: the number of men of color going to college will increase.


One of the goals of BAL is to provide a sequential college preparatory science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) curriculum infused with instructional techniques appropriate to young men.


STEAM at BAL Academy has been thoughtfully planned with integration of the music arts; and the music arts program at BAL will integrate creativity, artistic skills and discovery processes across all classrooms and content areas. 


BAL Academy will provide a well designed STEAM series set to launch in early Spring 2018 semester!  


School wide engagement of Stem/Steam practices and demonstrations will provide students direct access to hands on learning activities.  BAL Teachers will deliver Stem/Steam lessons using innovative kits, Instructional apps, project based and robotics materials, directly increasing demonstration and application of high level STEAM concepts, real world problem solving, engineering techniques and exposure to scientific experiments and critical thinking opportunities.


BAL STEAMing Ahead!









On Friday, November Nov. 17, 2017 - The Young Men of BAL had an opportunity to share and experience "Real Men Reading" on the campus.  
Pictured: NBA Referees - Zack Zarbo, Randy Richardson, and Tre Maddox greet students with Principal Moorer.


Sponsored in partnership with the Scholastic Corporation, the Boys at BAL experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity to Read and receive autographs from Veteran National Basketball Association (NBA) Referees.  


The boys were treated to a morning spent Reading and Dialogue with the NBA Referees.  Surprises continued throughout the morning as the boys received FREE Books from the Scholastic by famed author Gary Soto, Taking Sides.  


At Boys Academic Leadership Academy, the Principal and staff commit to the old wise proverb - "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Chinese proverb."

Pictured: Nicholas Primus, 4.0 GPA, reads during the event.


Three important lessons were learned during this event: 1) It is important to recognize that if we want young men of color to develop a lifelong Love of reading, that boys must be exposed to books and stories where the main characters reflect their life experiences!  2) Book Ownership is Key!  Boys must be provided opportunities to build their own reading libraries and determine what genres and authors interest them!  and 3) MOST Important Lesson for Literacy and Young men of color - Young men of Color MUST experience Men of Color Reading - Role Model the Behavior you want kids to reach!  Principal Moorer and several male staff members joined in the Literary experience.  Mr. Ruiz, Counselor, Mr. Johnson, Teacher, hosted the event in the 6th grade English Classes.  



Scholastic representatives continued to provide surprises in raffle gifts, bookmarks, and even a visit from a life-size Clifford the Read/Red Dog - all items and activities were designed to encourage our young men to read!

Students receive autographs, in their new book copies!


After reading several chapters together, the distinguished referees shared exciting moments from NBA history, answered questions about requirements as a referee in major league sports, and shared what's it feels like to tell all star players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James what to do!


The Young Men of Color at BAL will never forget their morning - When Men Read, Boys learn to love Reading!!!


Thank you Scholastic and The NBA Referee Association!




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