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School News


Life at BAL! Each morning at Boys Academic Leadership Academy begins a new day of learning, brotherhood, leadership and greater purpose.
BAL students pictured running to morning Town hall.  Students are eager to help their House affiliation win for the day.  Students are members of four Houses on the campus of Boys Academic Leadership Academy - Ali, Baldwin, Guevara, and Tyson.  BAL Houses were named to commemorate distinguished male figures of color in varied fields of accomplishment - Science, Sports, Social Justice and Liberal Arts.


After Town hall, lead by Principal Moorer, students ensure that their brothers are in full school uniform, their shirts and ties are ready for the day, and they remind each other not to earn demerits as a house. 


Advisory provides students an opportunity to connect with their house leaders and follows town hall to prepare students to a day of learning.  Every student receives academic instruction in the four core subjects and all students participate in learning music.

Ali House members (pictured), have decided to kneel and cross their hearts as a sign of respect while they recite Invictus, in the morning ritual.


Students are actively engaged in their classroom learning.

Hands are raised in 6th grade math class as students are eager to share their answers with the class.




Everyday at BAL is an adventure in Boyhood and an opportunity to powerfully impact the next generation of leaders.


Principal Moorer states "I am committed to ensuring that all students will be equipped with the tools to build a solid foundation of academic excellence rooted in brotherhood and to uphold the BAL Academy creed - Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Humility."

Nov. 16, 2017



Academic Buzz was heard all over the campus of BAL as early as 7:30 in the morning.  The 10 Week Report Cards were celebrated by Principal Moorer, Counselor Mr. Aquino, and the entire Boys Academic Leadership Academy Faculty. 


BAL students in grades 6th and 7th, anxiously awaited the news that would identify the first official BAL Scholars of this school year!  The First 10 week grades were distributed by Mr. Aquino; the entire student body of BAL wanted to learn the Grade Point Average (GPA) process and the school ranking of top scholars. 


Principal Moorer did not disappoint the waiting student body in dramatically announcing the Top Scholars, as with all accomplishments at BAL, there was celebration and ceremony.  The entire day was taken over by GPA recognition, PA Announcements, and House shout outs on the main stage in the center of campus.  Students received certificates, gifts, photos, and positive encouragement through out the day!


Nicholas Primus, 6th grade, Tyson House was King of the Day representing a grade point average of 4.0, signifying straight A's!  Ali House represented on stage with the highest number of students with a 3.0 - 3.95 GPA


Principal Moorer and Counselor Aquino, made sure that every student at BAL will remember the first 10 Week Grading Period at Boys Academic Leadership Academy.  "Grades over Fades" was shouted throughout campus, as the boys' chant this phrase to emphasize that they are more concerned with academic pursuits than violence (fades)!  Moorer provides incentives when the students go above the call of brotherhood to demonstrate a Non-Violent Campus.


We salute Mr. Jerald Robertson as King of the Day - for Thursday, November 9, 2017. 




Mr. Robertson was cheered on by his Tyson House brothers and House Leader Ms. Matsui.  The 6th grade student, understands his role and responsibility as the fourth member of the Tyson House to win the King of the Day this semester.   


Principal Moore congratulates Jerald Robertson.


Mr. Roberston, states "I was surprised and excited about hearing my name on the stage.  My brothers and teacher came over and were excited about me winning."  "My mother and family members immediately began texting me congrats messages, I saved them on my phone as a motivation."  "I hope to win again.  The other KOD winners from Tyson house also came over to congratulate me!"


Mr. Robertson enjoys his Tyson House, Reading and all things Harry Potter!  He is looking forward to the Thanksgiving Break.


King of the Day - Zaid Rivas appears above with BAL Counselor, Mr. Aquino!  Reaching for the Stars!


Congratulations to ZAID RIVAS- 7th Grade student King of the Day! Who is this Boys Academic Leadership Academy Guardian?? Zaid describes himself as "a boy with a dream of helping his fellow brothers! He proudly represents TYSON house at BAL. 




As a 7th grader he enjoys Yugi-Oh Cards, expertly plays his Guitar, and spends time working out with his Uncle who is training in the LAFD Fire Academy.  Zaid hikes, lifts weights and plays soccer.


He enjoys watching YouTube phenoms -TheDooo and Estos Tone who plays electric guitar as Zaid perfects his own musicianship!


On Fridays at Boys Academic Leadership Academy students complete academic challenges in science and math - schoolwide! Today, Ms. Matsui's 6th Grade Math Scientists completed Mystery Science Challenge and were granted an opportunity to compete in the Science Scavenger Hunt on Friday, October 13, 2017.


Young Scientists in student teams of 4, raced around campus to complete 13 exciting Science Challenges on Friday the 13th! Lead by their team captains, teams had 30 minutes to solve the science challenges and take pictures as evidence on their Kindle Fire Tablets.  


Team Captain Levi Contreras (6th Grade) said, "We were nervous and rushed, but we knew we had to get it right!"  6th Grader Troy Morales said, "The most challenging obstacle was trying to count all the steps on campus and the most exciting part of the scavenger hunt was figuring out how to work together to get the right answers!".


This was a special challenge for the 6th graders who are in the TYSON house named after the famous scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson! Boys Academic Leadership Academy grows scientists!


Every Friday at Boys Academic Leadership Academy a new "King of the Day" and a Reigning House are selected based on factors earned during the week.  Students eagerly attend BAL Town Hall meeting to learn the new winners each Friday.


Friday, October 13, 2017 - Congratulations to ALI House - the House of Merit winning the most merit points for the week.

A Special congratulations to 6th Grade Student, Eric Brown for being named the "King of the Day".


The King - Mr. Brown, stated " I felt excited when Mr. Moorer called my name on the microphone!" Eric Brown realizes that picking up trash to keep his campus clean made this recognition happen.  He suggested that if a student want to be King of the Day they should be on time, wear their ties correctly everyday, and keep the campus clean.


Salute to Mr. Eric Brown and to Ali House!




The next school site council meeting will be on October 24, 2017 at 6PM in the Collaboration Room.


If you have missed a School Site Council meeting, please visit the School Site Council webpage.  Click here and read the minutes from the meeting.  Please note that minutes are subject to change based on the approval of the School Site Council.


Congratulations families on our elections of parent school site council members on August 31, 2017.  Please view the meeting and election minutes here.


Our next School Site Council meeting is on September 7, 2017.  We will be electing officers for school site council.


“The district is trying to give parents a unique opportunity they feel they can’t get through charter schools,” said Tyrone Howard, a professor and associate dean for equity and inclusion at UCLA’s education and information school. But, he said, “you can’t just say it; you have to ensure the quality.”


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